New Camel Alert: Meet Maricel Dicion

A new camel has just landed! We’re happy to share that Maricel Dicion has joined the Flying Camel team as our Director of Client Services.

Maricel comes to us with a lengthy agency background working on clients from a wide array of industries including: home & decor, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food and beverage, consumer technology, and more. Several of the campaigns and programs Maricel helped strategize and execute have won industry awards.

Maricel brings experience in public relations, social media engagement, crisis management, corporate communications, event management, consumer lifestyle marketing, and client/project management to this new and exciting role.

Born and raised in Toronto, Maricel worked as a reporter for Toronto’s 680News after completing her Journalism diploma at Centennial College. She then completed Centennial’s post-graduate Public Relations and Corporate Communications program and kicked off her career in marketing and PR with internships while working overnights at the radio station. Go figure why she has a strong emotional attachment to coffee.

When Maricel isn’t working with her team and clients on bringing campaigns and events to life, you can find her buried in a book or writing up a storm. Maricel continues to to pursue her passion for writing and has articles published on the popular Thought Catalog digital magazine and on Ariana’s Huffington’s Thrive network. She hopes to pen Drake’s next big hit as well. She is also a (self-proclaimed) talented shower rapper, deadlifter (personal record of 225 lbs), and french fry connoisseur.

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