From the Intern’s Desk: Payton’s Back!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to bring the Camel count up to 10 this summer as Flying Camel’s intern. You may recognize me from two years ago when I had my first interning experience with the caravan. Oh, how time flies! Since that summer, I have completed my last two years at Acadia University, graduating with my Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing this spring. I also graduated from the Cooperative Education program after spending eight months living and working in the beautiful town of Saint John, New Brunswick (and yes, it is as beautiful as Erin says. It’s her hometown!)

Three weeks ago, I started my second journey as a Camel (or a giraffe in a camel costume, seeing as I’m 6’0 ft tall!) I hit the ground running when I first arrived, doing my best to assist with all of the fabulous client events happening in June. I had the privilege of going to the Cosentino Toronto City Centre Grand Re-Opening, taking it all in and re-immersing myself in the fabulous world of architecture and design. While the team ramps up for a very busy fall, I will be lending a helping hand, from creating content, editing calendars, to doing client research or even going on very important coffee runs (after all, it is important to keep these Camels FUELLED!)

I am excited to be back at Flying Camel for the summer, soaking it all in and learning from each and every one of the Camels, before I embark on a new journey at Dalhousie University Law School this fall. Law school will be a whole new experience, and I am hoping that during my time here at Flying Camel I can hone my writing skills. Being able to write meaningful content efficiently and effectively will be an important skill moving forward.

Stay tuned for more updates as I check back in over the next few weeks!


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