From the Intern’s Desk: Payton says Goodbye!

One summer, 12 weeks, three blog posts, one client event, hundreds of social media posts and messages, and countless learning experiences and memories.

As I write this post, I am recalling the endless lessons I’ve learned throughout my time at Flying Camel, some of which I shared in my last blog post. For my final blog as the Flying Camel intern, I thought I would share the inside scoop about what it’s like to work at Flying Camel and why I’ve grown to love this job so much!

First and foremost, if there was ever an Olympic event for multi-taskers, the Camels would make up the Canadian gold medal team! Switching between tasks and juggling priorities  is an art, and each Camel has mastered it. These are some of the most important skills the Camels possess because it means that they can be there for all of their clients at the drop of a hat. When I think of someone who’s especially good at this, it’s Kristin. I’ve witnessed her on her desktop computer plugging away at a social media calendar, all while drawing up a sketch on her iPad for a client event and interacting with a client or design influencer on her phone. She makes it look easy – and it’s like watching magic happen!

Secondly, there may be only one Creative Director at Flying Camel (shout-out to Lily) but I’m constantly in awe of all the creative ideas that get brought to life by the Camels as a team. Before I started here, I had no concept of how a group of people could make toilets and tradeshows so exciting. But somehow, the Camels do it time and time again! You could only wish to be a fly on the wall during one of their brainstorm sessions.

One of the greatest things about working at a small agency is the mentorship opportunities available. There are very few jobs in the world where you will find so many people invested in your success. Everything that happens at Flying Camel is truly a team effort, and if I ever had a question or idea to present I would have nine people willing to make time for me. One of my favourite memories that highlights this mentorship mentality is when I was spending the summer of 2017 in Erin’s hometown, Saint John, New Brunswick. Even though I had only interned at Flying Camel the four months prior to that, she reached out to me while she was home on vacation and we ended up having a fun night out together.  It’s the little things like that, that make you feel valued and part of the team – in the office or away!

Finally, the most important thing I’ve learned about working here is about what it means to love your job. It’s a common sight at FC headquarters to see a group of Camels gathered around a screen, swooning over one of the latest product releases from a client. They get excited over new colours and finishes, talk about how they would incorporate products in their own homes, and live and breathe every brand they work on. I feel so fortunate that I was able to be a part of this family, and witness the magic that happens behind the scenes every day. While I am sad to leave Flying Camel behind, I am thrilled for the next person who gets to step into this world and start their Camel journey.

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