From the Intern’s Desk: One Month In!

My first month back as a Camel has come and gone! It’s been a busy time gearing up for the fall and I’ve been jumping in to assist with anything and everything I can. Midway through my internship journey, I thought I would share three valuable lessons I’ve learned so far:

1. Change is inevitable!

In such a fast-paced industry, change is inevitable. In order to move forward and cope with the challenges that change presents, you need to be able to adapt. Being ready to shift what you’re doing at any time is an incredibly important life skill to have, inside and outside the office.

2. Live and love what you do.

To flourish and succeed in any industry, you need to truly live and breathe what you do. This applies in many different ways here at Flying Camel. Not only have I learned how important it is to stay on top of the current social media trends, but I have also learned that I need to be constantly immersed in the communities which I’m engaging with. While this may seem like a daunting task, I have learned first-hand that it’s not only extremely useful but also very fun (after all, who would say no to experimenting at home with a breakfast sandwich maker?).

3. Put the human back in social media.

In the ever-changing landscape of social media, where customers are interacting with brands across all platforms on the daily, there is significant value in “humanizing” your brand voice and interactions. Showing customers kindness, empathy and humility when things aren’t going their way can help build better relationships which can lead to lasting loyalty to a brand over time. A special shout out to Kimberley Williamson for being the ultimate teacher when it comes to this incredibly important lesson!

There you have it! With a bit more wisdom and knowledge, I am ready to take on August in the Flying Camel office!

Until then,


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