Christine Celebrates One Year at Flying Camel

What a year! I can say, without a doubt, that there hasn’t been a dull moment over the past year. My camel wings have been put to good use!

I always say I was incredibly lucky to join the Flying Camel team as the team’s Social Media Coordinator, and that sentiment hasn’t changed. We’re more than just a team; we’re a family. That’s what takes working here to the next level.

What have you learned since becoming a Camel?

Patience is definitely a virtue. There are so many moving parts in PR and social media, that not everything is as instant as you might like it to be. Patience and good communication are what keeps the well-oiled machine moving towards the finish line.

What was your most memorable moment from the past year?

Not quite two months in, I had the experience of a lifetime as I joined the Camels on a rooftop patio in downtown Toronto for a client event with GlobalShop. As I watched the sunset with a view of the city, it was hard to believe I was at a work event. It was easily a top moment from the past year.

How would the Camels describe you?

Obsessed? (That would be putting it mildly.) It’s widely known around the office that I have a not-so-slight soft spot for anything Disney. I haven’t resorted to singing classic Disney tunes JUST yet, but who knows what the future may hold (sorry in advance to my fellow Camels, I’m afraid to say I have a TERRIBLE singing voice.)!

If you could go back and give yourself advice on your first day, what would it be?

Just to enjoy the ride. It’s going to be a wild one, but the most fun you’ll ever have.

What are you looking forward to in the next year?

To grow and to take risks personally and professionally.

What advice would you give to someone just starting in PR?

Be flexible in what you’re looking for, but also the minute you’re on the job, flexibility is going to become your middle name. PR and social media are never just static, unchanging things, especially in an agency. Prepare yourself to be running a mile a minute from one task to another. Oh, and make sure you have those to-do lists handy!

This year has been one with a lot of changes and firsts in my life. I moved to a new city, joined the Flying Camel team, and I experienced my first solo travel adventure (with many more to come!). I pushed myself down new avenues and out of my comfort zone, both at work and in my personal life, and I’m excited to continue growing as I move into my second year as part of the team.

Here’s to what’ll come next!

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