Working with Houzz

We work primarily in the home design and building products industry, and it’s no secret that the biggest platform in our world comes with a double zed (or zee for our American friends!) – Houzz. Unlike other social networks similar to it, this new platform […]


From The Intern Desk: What Emma Learned at FC

This summer I was lucky enough to gain a temporary set of wings as a camel-in-training. I’ve had a glimpse into the world of advertising, PR, and social media, and my lessons have been extensive. Here are just a few of things I am taking […]

Got A Dollar? Innovative Vending Solutions

When you think vending machines, pop, snacks and water probably come to mind. But do you remember Coca-Cola’s brilliant huggable vending machines? This brand took a different view at this popular device and turned it into a tool to meet the company’s marketing needs. Check this out. Innovative […]

How Incorporating Video Into Your Strategy = Win

Although it’s not physically possible (yet!) to be in two places at once, live video streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope are making it pretty darn close. You can be sitting at home in your pyjama’s drinking coffee while watching the headliner of a music […]