From The Intern Desk: Janina’s Last Week

It’s true. This is going to be my last Fun Friday Feature! While there isn’t much time left for me here in Canada, there is still however enough time for you to congratulate me for finally being a soccer world champion! I won’t lie – […]

Canada VS Germany: The Differences You May Not Know Of

I told you this in my last Friday Feature; I tried your awesome poutine! While this is just one of the many things I enjoyed about staying here in Canada, here are a few of the differences between Canadians and Germans that I’ve come across. […]

From The Intern Desk: Janina’s 3rd Week

Finally I tried “Poutine”! Honestly, it took me quite a while to figure out that you’re not talking about the President of Russia though… But it is really sooo good – I can’t believe it is just a Canadian thing. How could the rest of […]

From The Intern Desk: Janina’s 2nd Week

As you can see, I’ m so busy here that I don’t even have time to write my blog every week. On the bright side… I have so much to talk about! Believe it or not, it seems like I’ve found some very cool people […]